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Community Ambassadors To Conquer HPV

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As future physicians, we understand the importance of preventing sexually transmitted infections and counseling patients on safe sex practices.




However, multiple barriers lead to suboptimal screening and low immunization rates. One must have a doctor in order to receive proper screening or to get a referral for a gynecologist. A prescription is required to buy the HPV vaccine for patients who are not eligible to the Quebec immunization protocol, which also requires a doctor, not to mention the high cost of the product itself.


Our determination to tackle this issue stems from the devastating consequences of HPV, witnessed especially in oncology.

PAP tests and HPV immunization have both been shown
to decrease HPV-related diseases.
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Sexually transmitted disease in Canada and worldwide


Gardasil9 protects against 9 different types covering more than 90% of HPV


Doses of vaccines are required to have a proper coverage against HPV 


Cost of each dose of vaccine, which most woman cannot afford



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/ Location
Travel Health Clinic D2.3312
McGill University Health Center, Royal-Victoria Hospital
1001 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, QC H4A 3J1

/  Our services 

HPV Immunization

PAP test

/ Important information
Bring your RAMQ or other insurance card and MUHC Hospital card.
Vaccine cost 188$ per dose, payable in person on the day of the appointment(credit or debit). If non-RAMQ covered, 35$ will be charged.

/ Our events

  • Conquer HPV All Together - 1st edition
    Mon, Nov 19
    MUHC Research Institute - CUSM
    Nov 19, 2018, 7:00 p.m.
    MUHC Research Institute - CUSM, McGill University Health Centre, Decarie Boulevard, Montreal, QC, Canada
    Fundraising and networking event to raise funds for HPV. Help us prevent cervical cancer and other HPV-associated diseases to underprivileged populations in Montreal! ** Événement de réseautage et de financement pour le virus du papillome humain! Aidez-nous à prévenir ses méfaits.
  • Inaugural CATCH Spin event
    Fri, Oct 19
    Victoria Park Health Club
    Oct 19, 2018, 7:00 p.m.
    Victoria Park Health Club, 376 Avenue Victoria, Westmount, QC H3Z 1C3, Canada
    Do you want to spin for a fantastic cause, enjoy great food & company, and have the opportunity to win amazing raffle prizes? If so, please join us for the inaugural CATCH Spin Event this Friday October 19 at 7 PM at Vic Park!

/ Resources

You don't know where you can have access to service like abortion, sexually transmitted disease testing or contraception? Many resources are available in Montreal.​



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Community Ambassadors to Conquer HPV

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For any additional requirements contact:


Clinic representatives: Alicia Lessard, Naomi Chevrier & Rea Konci

Community Outreach Representative: Ariane Lasry


Webmaster: Judy Gaffar

Social Media: Alexa Ehlebratch

Mentor: Carolanne Gagnon

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